Anabat SD1 & SD2 Setup Instructions

1 To set up SD1/SD2 unit

  1. Run “cfcread” programme on computer.
  2. Connect SD1/SD2 to computer using the Serial connector cable. Ensure there is no CFcard in unit. Turn on unit.
  3. Select “Port No” (usually 4) varies on different computers
  4. Click OPEN, STATUS window should read COM PORT READY.
  5. To Set Time on unit (also needs to be done subsequently if changing time zones), first check that the computer time is correct, to the second if Bat records are required to be accurate.
  6. Click on TIME SET button, and receive a TIME SENT message.
  7. Time can be checked at any time by using the TIME CHECK button, STATUS window gives a number in seconds fast (+) or slow (-) compared to that of computer.
  8. Click CLOSE to disconnect SD1/SD2 from CFCRead.

2 First time only preparation of Compact Flash Card (CFC)

  1. Insert CFC into Reader.
  2. Open Windows Explorer (windows key +E). Right click on Removable disk, usually drive “F” or higher and click “Format”, click “quick format”. At warning message, check “F:” is shown and then “OK”. When “Format Complete” message appears click “OK”.
  3. Open “cfcread” program. Click on CHOOSE INPUT FILE. Check “F:” is shown, write in new file name “DATA.dat” at bottom.
  4. Click OPEN. This will close window and return to the “cfcread” program, “F:DATA.dat” will now be displayed in top left of window. Activate any “Delayed start” or “Monitoring times” if required (see below).
  5. Click INITIALISE CF, window appears to confirm, click “OK”, then wait till message box appears.
  6. Name of file may now be changed as often as required using Windows Explorer.
  7. Remove CFC.

3 Programming of operating times on to CFC

  1. Insert CFC into Reader and open “cfcread” program.
  2. To set up a “delayed start” if required.
  3. Click on ACTIVATE against the “Delayed Start Till” and input date.
  4. To set up “Operating Times”.
  5. Click on ACTIVATE against the “Monitoring Begins At” and “Monitoring Ends At”, insert times required, (e.g. 20:00:00 and 01:00:00)
  6. Then ERASE, to erase old data and input new time data to CFC, wait until message box appears.
  7. Remove CFC


Undertake the required site work

5 Downloading of CFC data to computer

  1. Create a folder for data to be input to (if one does not already exist) .e.g.”C:Anabat Files” or a sub-folder.
  2. Ensure “SD1/SD2 unit” is powered off, if necessary, and remove CFC. Insert CFC into Reader
  3. Open “cfcread” program, open CHOOSE INPUT FILE to select file to download from, usually the “F:Removable Disk” (the CFC). Double click on file to Open.
  4. Click on DOWNLOAD. New window opens “SET AUTOSAVE PARAMETERS”, select “Division Ratio” as per bat detector (8), “Max TBC secs” (5), and “Min Line Length” (5), Smooth (50), click on “5m Synch”, and tick all other boxes. Click OK.
  5. ZCAIM window reappears followed by “Choose Folder for Download” window, select a location, say “C:Anabat Files” and OK. “Valid Anabat sectors read = xx” message will show in top left corner. (If the CFC has been erased, it will say so).


Undertake appropriate data analysis.

7 To Erase data from CFC and re-programme

  1. Check to ensure data has been saved on C: drive before proceeding, as this will remove all data from the CFC. Ensure it is backed up first.
  2. Proceed as in 3 above.

GW 21.05.10

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